Service of Thanksgiving


Today was a special day filled with special people. It was a day to give thanks for the little people we have  made and the community in which we are blessed to raise them.

For me it was an emotional day. For a long time I was not thankful for my blessings. I couldn’t be. The fog was too thick. But today I truly was for my beautiful, challenging children. For my supportive, fix it all friends and family.

We were lucky enough to have friends agree to be supporters to the children. That means they (some might say crazily) have agreed to help us give the children a moral compass and steer them through life. That’s pretty amazing.

Edwards supporters
Beatrix's supporters

We had a totally dairy and soya free party and no one complained. The children played on soft play and the adults mingled. There was cake, jelly and sausage rolls. The thing that struck me though, the moments of love and quietness in a room of rowdy children

Edward took his Daddy’s hand and led him off to play.

Come with me daddy

Thomas played with Beatrix softly and gently.



There was a lot of bouncing though.

I was touched by people’s kindness, by acts of family and friends.  More than that I revelled in this two tiny people I made and the joy they were bringing.

So this evening as I sit with B asleep on my knee I feel the full force of the day thankful. And more myself than I knew I was capable of feeling again. Lovely day.

Mother and daughter moment

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