So… about once a fortnight or so my mum guilt tells me I’ve not done anything creative with the littles and we should craft. Before we go further information should make it clear a single cell organism would have more creative and artistic flair than me! I can’t even colour in between the lines.  It’s just one of those things I can’t do. But I feel I SHOULD!

Today after what can only be described as an epic morning, involving a 3 in the tub bath, tour round the local hospital trying to locate a dietician appointment and Edward scaring me witless on a giant climbing frame, the guilt got me. I dutiful dug out pretty cut shapes and pom poms. A bit of glue. Edward climbed to the table excited… we’ll decorate some eggs I thought.


Not going great we decided to go for a spider.


Actually all we succeeded in was making a mess.


But we had fun. And we tried. Normally after such a disastrous attempt I would chastise my rubbish mother status unable to do those picture perfect things so many clever people do. But I didn’t. See I wantf my children to enjoy having a go and not worry if it’s perfect. They will learn that from me. So we giggled. We felt the textures of pipe cleaners and pom poms and then we had stories. Time will come soon enough when they are ashamed by my inability to craft but for now we’ll keep our date with the craft box – just don’t expect anything to actually get made!

Accepting less than perfect and to try even though it won’t be good is a challenge for me but one I want Edward and Beatrix to overcome so we’ll start small.

When it all gets too arty we can always retreat to a story line.



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