Splish Splash

First swimming lesson

Splish, splash, a round in a circle and up in the air. A funny little rhyme that helped me to learn to love my first born. Edward was not an easy newborn. It had been an awful pregnancy. 3 day failed induction and emergency section. I was reeling. PND took me with abandon. I didn’t know what to do. I had swum all pregnancy and in the bath was the one time of day Edward didn’t scream. We decided to try swimming lessons.

Off we trotted to our first water babies lesson. It wasn’t the best start (I had to borrow a costume because I just wasn’t that organised), but a light switched on. For us both. I felt connected. He smiled. Here, finally, after failing to get feeding sorted, screaming at baby yoga because E didn’t believe in relaxing, was something we were good at, together.

Edward and I swam with Water Babies every week. When we could we swam in between.  It was our time. After Beatrix was born he and I still went for our weekly swimming lesson. 30 minutes of normal in our newly chaotic world. Marie helped soothe my fears as my once confident swimmer clung to me and cried. Change, she told me, was hard for them. As I battled with my mind again, those minutes in the pool were vital for us.

It broke my heart, but being made redundant and our desire for Beatrix to have the same swimming experience meant that Edwards lessons have come to an end. We were so sad. I decided that what we needed was just to get in the water, just us. I left Beatrix with Grandma. Off we toddled just us. We swam. We splashed. He giggled. We connected and that night for the first time in a long time he asked for me at bedtime.

Today Beatrix and I started our Water Babies adventure and I felt the same connection as we splish splashed. I’m excited to watch her confidence grow in the water. I also promise my little fish that he and I will splish splash as often as we can and need. The time will always be precious to us.


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