Dreams, screams and porridge!

Ah its been one of those days. A day I could never have imagined before children for its moments of hilarity and sheer toddlerdoom.

Edward has grasped no. Oh has he grasped no. I should have guessed he was going to be contrary today when the normal morning request for his dummy was met with a violent ‘no’. (Add here my customary mum guilt that at 21 months he still has a dummy at bedtime. We did take it away but he needed back when Beatrix was born and he’s not ready to say goodbye to it yet).

Crumpets were devoured, though they took too long to toast. Toast was then demanded. The plate was wrong. The plate was swapped. The toast was ‘no’. He gave the toast to Beatrix. He tried to sweep up. He cried because I wouldn’t let him mop the floor. It wasn’t even 9am. We weren’t even dressed! Instead of getting in a flap because we ‘needed to do x,y,z’ I decided to be more in the moment and roll with him as fighting him this morning wasn’t going to work.

It ended up with three in a tub whilst I washed. Edward climbed in then insisted I bring his sister in too. He then refused to get out. I left him to splash about. I mean it meant the bathroom got cleaned from all the splashing!

He dressed eventually (45 minutes after choosing his favourite caboodle onesie). He ran around a lot. He cuddled Beatrix.  He laughed. He chased the cat.

We had lunch and a play with friends and then went to meet the amazing Paula from EcoRoos to talk cloth nappies. I was so proud of how he behaved. Sitting for juice –  he is the master spiller of all things liquid, waiting when asked. Better I thought.

He sang all the way home but I don’t know what on earth he was singing about! I made him dinner.  He stole the snack I’d made for myself. He insisted on all his clothes coming off after dinner. He ran around with his cars ‘car, beep beep’ starkers giggling. I was struck by how I love him, how he challenges me. How to nuture this new found independence of mind and ensure we ever get anything done.

As an aside. I slept long enough to dream. The sensation of which left me feeling quite weird. For those in the middle of sleep deprivation know it will pass to a more manageable stage. Beatrix is now only up 3 or 4 times a night now and Edward is sleeping more consistently too. It’s weird waking remembering a dream again. I hope it gives me the fortitude to deal with the onset of the no.


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