When pudding makes you cry.

As an allergy mum I am that awkward customer in a restaurant.  I am used to staff staring at me blankly when I ask for their allergy book or them responding with ‘we have gluten free’ or ‘that has eggs in, isn’t that dairy?’. The best we get on most occasions is a hard to read (well it is for a dyslexic like me) folder where I have to look up every ingredient for a meal and order. Then hope there is no cross contamination. It’s exhausting.

We are in Norwich visiting my nana before our first holiday as a family of four. It’s a horrid journey from home, full of a roads and tractors. We arrived, late, with tired and grumpy children. After some time with Nana Edward started to demand food. With trepidation we made our goodbyes and headed to the premier Inn and their restaurant to get the children food.

Imagine my surprise when the manager comes over to go through the book. She asks about the children and their allergies.  She gets the kitchen manager out to go through the options for the children. He explained how it would be cooked separately and by himself. I was feeling good

The food was good and the children and we enjoyed ourselves.  Imagine, however, my pure delight when the manager came out to tell me they had come up with PUDDING! pudding is normally at best some fruit. This was sweet, looked like pudding pudding. We delighted. Their kindness brought tears to my eyes. I felt normal for one meal. Edward had pudding. I feel from here a picture says a thousand words.

My delight
Edward getting stuck in
Even Beatrix got some

This won’t mean much to many, but as eating out with children is stressful enough let alone when you have to take into account food can make your precious bundles poorly today was a good day.


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