Daily Prompt: Reach

via Daily Prompt: Reach

So today I decided to take the Daily Prompt (what a fabulous idea) and post on Reach.  It is a word that resonates with me at the moment, as I reach in many directions.

Rather than wax lyrical about them all, I decided first to list, what I as a Mum of a just turned two year old (how did that happen) and a soon to be 10 month old, felt reach meant to me:

  1. Milestones.  With babies and toddlers there are milestones to be reached.  With Edward I willed them to come and eagerly checked each one off. With Beatrix, a baby in a hurry, I am willing her to slow down.  Wishing each milestone would delay. At 10 months and nearly walking, I wish she would stay a baby a little while longer.13872819_10154115880894279_643525235753062676_n
  2. The wall. Of tiredness. Of patience. Of joy. I reach all of them, everyday. Realising the wall won’t crush you has been one of the hardest, and most worthwhile, lessons of parenthood.13450243_10154015132394279_5002226341065293682_n
  3. For friends. Its true it takes a village. I reach for mine daily, on bad days hourly. They always give. I am eternally grateful for them.11232129_10153344969849279_2161995625351641282_n
  4. My limit. Then exceed it. I am more than I ever knew I could be. I have felt worse than I knew possible. I have felt happier than it should be possible to be.12138315_10153466063214279_3239538760509812675_o
  5. For the future. It now means more to me than I knew it could. I want to live in the present, but I am reaching for a better future for my children, further for them, a safer world for them, happiness for them.13501969_10154017327479279_738851009054459128_n
  6. For myself. In the first year of Edward’s life I lost myself, Tori to Mummy. Add Beatrix and I was truly lost. Now, I am finding myself within Motherhood. Working, friendships, therapy. They are all helping.13103542_10153886999359279_6173658691921692100_n

Half a dozen thoughts inspired by one word. What a lovely reflection for a Sunday afternoon. I do know, as Edward turned two yesterday, I have reached a new place of contentment with myself.  I am proud of the little boy he is becoming, of the work I am doing both with B.E Administered and Carry Together. This place as been a fight to reach. I am proud to be here.  I am grateful to be here thanks to such amazing friends and family. A depth of gratitude I will never be able to fully express but I hope they know.


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