Daily Prompt: Miniature

via Daily Prompt: Miniature

Today’s daily prompt made me giggle as I thought of ‘miniature dictators’ otherwise known as toddlers.

E has turned two. Oh me oh my has he turned two.  Everything is NOPE! Or No. He is pushing every button I didn’t know I had. It’s like I don’t know how to parent him anymore.  I reason with him.  The other morning I stopped short of pleading with him to just put some shoes on.

Life is hard for my miniature dictator. He wants to do things for himself, but he can’t. He wants to play, but we need to go out. He doesn’t like clothes, not one bit, or nappies. Yet he can’t quite figure out the potty. He just wants to play trains, naked, at home, without his sister stealing them.

I can’t provide this world for him. As much as I wish I could. We have errands to run, friends to see. He is often happy once we are out.  I can feel my world shrinking around me, becoming smaller, as I try to avoid his meltdowns and calm his frayed nerves. 40 minutes of screaming because I took off a nappy, 30 to get one back on.

My tiny man has such big emotions. He feels things so strongly. How can I help him? As he levels up I lean on the bonds of friends and family. Hoping those bonds are strong enough to support this latest challenge. My world in miniature, Edward, Beatrix and I. A little threesome surviving each day.  My mini Drapers, so full of their own plans for the day.

I celebrate the miniture moments, of joy as a cuddle is given with gusto, of impatience as shoes are refused. Knowing each of these moments are fleeting.  I hope to keep my frustration miniture. To help these little people learn about these oh so big emotions.



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