Calamity Jane

If it’s going to happen to anyone it will be me, or the children.  As lovely as we all are (scrummy indeed) we are a cocoughany of allergies and problems. 2017 hasn’t been kind… there is the never ending chest infection for me, milk exposure for the children, leading to allergic conjunctivitis, to which edward had an allergic reaction to the eye drops. We’ve also had the pox for Beatrix, colds, I fell and hurt my foot, I’ve hurt a rib coughing and Edward currently has a tummy bug. It’s been fairly relentless.

Poorly babies.

On top of this I’ve been processing a life altering diagnosis. I have fibromyalgia. It makes sense. It frames the last few years differently.

If you don’t know what it is in simple terms it’s chronic global pain, fatigue and mental processing difficulties (memory etc.). It’s not going away. It’s to be managed not cured.
It explains a lot but I’m not sure it’s diagnosis helps. 4 hours, a large portion of which I was sitting down, out to buy some bits left me needing codeine and 4 early nights and cafinated days. I’m not young but I’m too young for this. My children need me too much.

It feels like it’s always us. That somehow luck doesn’t flow our way and yes I’m calamitous but also so lucky. Edward has been playing doctor whilst I’ve been poorly, he’s also helped looking after Beatrix giving her medicine and gentle cuddles. I have THE most amazing family and spectacular friends a person could ask for. Im proud of what I’ve achieved and oddly thanks to Sirius the wonder dog and a ton of hard work im mentally better than I have been since Edward was born.

The good thing about being a calamity is you develop a level of resilience and quite a weird sense of humour. Always a source of amusement I can fall off my own feet. So whilst so far 2017 has frankly, not been my friend, I’m sure that we will grow on each other. If nothing else I am looking forward to watching Edward and Beatrix continue in their quests to climb the highest, run the fastest and be the first to turn the page.


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